The Jake Irons Shoot: Capturing a Person and a Soul

        Jake came to me one day after seeing a headshot that was done for me by a fellow photographer friend. He told me he wanted to get a shot that was similar, one that reflected the traditional and class valuing era of his father. So, we set out to capture just that!

        We shot at The Mill in Taylors, SC. It used to be an old textile mill that had been unoccupied for 60+ years, but reopened up about three years back to be a base for small businesses. Since then it has been grown to be the hub for a thriving community of artists. I chose that location because I felt it reflected that quality Jake wanted: old-fashioned, a little rough around the edges, but standing strong. 

        I've known Jake for around four years now, and he's always been someone who lived his life with conviction and strong values that he didn't back down from. Compared to most guys I know, he's a very deep person. I wanted to capture that emotional and contemplative side while still conveying a sense of strength and pride. I think that all of those qualities show!

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