Caleb Whitley's Senior Shoot

        It was a great pleasure to work with and serve Caleb Whitley for his senior photo shoot! The shoot itself took a different direction than what we had originally planned (we were planning to shoot on a stage). But changing it up to shoot in the beauty of the woods more accurately captures his quiet, spiritual strength that drives the kindness and genuineness of his personality.

        I've known Caleb since he was a sophomore in high school and have been able to watch him grow in strength and grace as he sought direction and strength from God to overcome obstacles. Even when I knew him then, I could tell he fought against the superficiality that floods his generation. He didn't want to waste his time or emotion, but meaningfully live in ways that could help other people.

        Caleb has always been a young man with a lot of heart. He understands that life is a process and a journey, and that it is a battle looking for peace in a world of chaos. Being an aspiring musician and worship leader, he pours that same soul and emotion into how he writes and plays his music, as well as in the relationships he chooses to build. He wanted me to capture that side of himself - the emotional, the purposefully creative, and the faith-driven - and I think that comes out.

        I'm excited to see where he goes after graduation. Couldn't be more proud of him! I know his future has a lot in store!

"Compelled by Sacrifice"

"Waiting for Inspiration"

"The Builder and Worker"

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Ryan Bartel's Senior Shoot

       I'm extremely proud of Ryan Bartel. I've known him since his sophomore year of high school and he's always exemplified solidity, a big heart for people, and an extremely positive attitude. He takes the initiative to talk to others and rally people together with a spirit that refuses to break. I'm excited to see what he does as he graduates and jumps out into the college world! 

"Old Soul"

"Thought Bubble"

        When Ryan asked me to do his senior photos, he told me that he really wanted to get some shots that broke from the norm and that reflected his personality. For him, those things were "country and CrossFit." So we looked for locations that looked and felt different, broke out the stars and stripes, and brought on the squat cleans and tire lifts!

        Ryan ran cross country his first two years of high school. Any person on his team could tell you that he was the one that never gave up and continually pushed and encouraged his teammates. He convinced me to try CrossFit with him, and on his first day (while I was huffing and puffing at the halfway mark) he did the entire workout and then some! Hardworking and unrelenting, this kid will always have 'beast' status in my book! 

"Like a True Patriot"

"Mental Readiness"

"For Country and CrossFit"

Copyright © Aerial Jay Photography 2016