Taking the Second Glance

        One thing that travel will inevitably do to you is create a hunger be out in the world, to be surrounded by the exotic, to experience things foreign to us, and chase after the larger than life. Having lived in the same city for 16 years, I've experienced an ever growing restlessness to get out and see what else there is to be seen. That being said, it's made it difficult to stay motivated to write and shoot in my own city.

I think that the best favor we can do ourselves when those moments come is to step back and take a second look.

"Secret Place"

"Secret Place"

I expressed this growing restlessness to a friend. As a fellow artist, she understood where I was coming from...that I felt like I had seen everything there was to see in my city and that it's all been done before. But she urged me to go out and shoot anyway.

Artists give scope, a unique perspective of the world around them for others to see. As human beings what we desire is novelty. We desire to be surprised and be in awe of something. We want to be taken back. Sometimes what needs be done is to look closer...to dig deeper for the meaning that isn't visible on the surface. It's not just an ability, but a duty.

"Reflections are Portals"

"Reflections are Portals"

Sometimes the people and places we know don't hit us the way that they once did because they've become so familiar to us. We don't remember the objective value that something or someone has because the sense of wonder and awe is lost. It usually isn't until we're broken or desperate that we begin to notice or come back to what we previously ignored.

Getting the most out of life a two-pronged attack plan. There is a world filled with people, places, cultures, traditions, and so many wonders to be seen. We weren't created to just stay in one place, but to go out and experience the world and communicate with others. We ought to pursue those people and experiences and let them enrich us. 

But I think an overeagerness can cause us to miss things...elements and details that are important and that can be life changing. We get so bent on finding the next/new thing or the easier or less painful route that we devalue and take for granted what's already a part of our lives.

There are places to see, people to impact/learn from, and things to experience right where we are. We need to have eyes, hearts, and minds that are willing to search for the purpose and substance in the what we've been given.

It's only after we've reflected on where we've been and where we are that we can begin to consider where we're going. 

So are we willing to take the second glance...to see if there’s something we missed before we move on?